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Meet us. Meet our movement. We are friends, we are family, we are strangers...most importantly we are united. United in the firm belief that Cornwall Creek Flooding is worth saving. United in the firm belief that we as a collective have a responsibility to all the life that calls this place home. Whether its the bald eagles that nest here every year, the loons that peacefully lull you from your slumber as the sun slowly rises and the fog dances quietly across the surface of the calm water, the elk, deer and bear that casually graze the waters edge for nourishment, the migratory birds that for more than half a century have taken refuge here on their long journey south. While the dam and earthen berm which hold back the water may have been man made, make no mistake...this place, and the life that calls it home is anything but. One trip, one visit...thats all it will take for anyone to see that Cornwall Creek Flooding is worth preserving, for ourselves, the wildlife that calls it home and the countless generations of people that will visit in the future. Cornwall Creek Flooding is a place that once visited, is never forgotten. If you've been here, you know, if you have not...come visit and you'll find out that this, is a place worth saving. Welcome to the movement. Welcome to the Cornwall Conversation.

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