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With respect to saving Cornwall Creek Flooding there is no shortage of solicitations for help. Fortunately, the help we need most right now is absolutely free! Thats right, the biggest impact any of us could have on the success of this movement today is the simple act of letting your state legislators know that you care about Cornwall Creek Flooding, and that they should too! I strongly encourage that all communication with key decision makers, legislators etc. be positive, polite and professional. At the end of the day, we are all doing the best we can with what we have, and the knowledge thats been given to us. Let's share our knowledge of this wonderful place, and express our concern with the proposed plan to draw down the water level and more likely than not, remove the dam. If you're interested in helping out, I have attached two links below which can be used to look up your legislators, and have even included an email you can send them. Just copy, paste and personalize with your name. Thank you for taking the time to help out, and thank you for being a part of the Cornwall Conversation.

Find your Representative here:



I am writing today to express concern over the Michigan DNR’s plan to draw down the water, and likely eradicate the dam at Cornwall Creek Flooding, in Cheboygan County, MI. I am a proud Michigander and take immense pride in the natural resources of this state. It is this pride in our natural resources that compels me to raise concern with the current plans for Cornwall Creek Flooding. The public has been made aware of a viable plan to repair or replace the dam which would preserve this most valuable resource for generations to come, but instead the less expensive alternative of eradication has been elected. I fear that actions such as these will set a terrible precedent for how Michigan will handle its most precious and valuable resources when “times are tough”, and what that might mean for our future. If it is indeed true that our states valuable resources are being eradicated on the basis of cost alone, I kindly ask that you consider the real cost to Michigan and its citizens long term in decisions such as this. It is my hope that after careful consideration you see the value in the preservation of sites like Cornwall Creek Flooding and that you might help to implement measures moving forward which would ensure the appropriate funding and resources required to protect, preserve and maintain all our states most valuable assets, the heart and soul of Michigan, its natural resources.


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